Playing for Real - How Maths Can Help You Win!

Inspire your Year 9s and 10s with a maths show that will captivate even your unenthusiastic mathematicians.

If you think games are just for fun, then think again. Games contain some of the most important maths you’ll ever need in everyday life, from managing money to out-thinking competitors. In this feast of mathematical games our speakers will demonstrate the unlikely usefulness of probability, puzzles and percentages. You’ll get a chance to play some games, and you could even win a prize.

It’s the most important fun you’ll have this year.

The event takes place on 21st June 2019 from 10.00am - 12pm at New Theatre Royal, Lincoln (Clasketgate, LN2 1JJ.

Tickets are £9 (inc VAT) - teachers FREE

For more information, please download the flyer below:

To book your place, simply visit