There are no current vacancies for the 2019-20 academic year.

For future reference, there are three potential ways that you can work within Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub, these are listed below.


These roles comprise of 1/2 days per week dependent of need of area. Some examples of leadership roles within the hub are:

  • Primary Mastery Lead

  • Secondary Mastery Lead

  • Mastery Readiness Lead

Teaching for Mastery (TfM) Specialist

We recruit TfM Specialists for both the primary and secondary phases each academic year. You will engage in a training programme and lead your own pilot Teacher Research Group (TRG), followed by going on to lead a whole year TRG programme the following year.

In the first year, specialists’ commitment to the programme is 15 days.

In the following year, specialists’ commitment is roughly 1 day per week (this is slightly flexible if the number of TRG schools in your work group are less than the quota of 7/8.

Work Group Lead

Work Group Leads are responsible for planning, organising, running and facilitating one of our many Work Groups that Yorkshire and Humber Maths Hub runs each year. There are expectations of a Work Group Lead and for 2019-20, these are listed below:

  • 3 days central training

  • 6 half day regional training at LLME meetings taking place at the Outwood Institute of Education, Doncaster on the following dates:

    • Wednesday 11th September 2019

    • Wednesday 20th November 2019 

    • Wednesday 15th January 2020

    • Wednesday 4th March 2020

    • Wednesday 20th May 2020

    • Wednesday 17th June 2020

    • Wednesday 15th July 2020 (TBC)

  • 4 Work Group workshops facilitated by yourself (usually comprising of 2 full day sessions and 2 half day sessions throughout the academic year)

  • Completion of a final evaluation report

  • Take on a Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub ambassador role, representing the hub at local events, HoD meetings, LA meetings etc. when you are available to do so (this is not essential although desirable)