Meet the Team

Find out more about the Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub leadership team:


Kathryn Greenhalgh

Maths Hub Lead and Executive Director of Maths, Outwood Grange Academies Trust

Kathryn has been leading the Yorkshire and Humber Maths Hub for three years, represents the region on the Maths Hub Council and co-leads one of the National Projects. She visited Shanghai in 2014 and came back bursting with ideas of how to improve the way maths is taught and how to improve outcomes for pupils.

Her 10 years’ experience leading the maths across a large and successful Trust, while continuing to teach whenever possible, means that her passion for improving maths across the region is demonstrated in the practical sense every day.


Emma Rennison

Maths Hub Senior Leadership Link & Executive Director of the Outwood Institute of Education (OIE)

Emma is the Executive Director of the Outwood Institute of Education (OIE), the trust’s Teaching School Alliance. The trust has six designated teaching schools who lead an alliance of over 80 schools, from within the trust and beyond, to recruit, retain and develop teachers.

Prior to her current role, Emma started working at Outwood Grange Academy in 2006 as a Teacher of English in her NQT year and worked leading academy’s training school, prior to the academy securing teaching school status and launching the OIE. She has a Masters in Teaching and Learning and is a designated Specialist Leader of Education.


Charlotte Thornton

Associate Maths Hub Lead and Associate Director

Charlotte has been a Mastery Specialist Lead at the Yorkshire and Humber Maths Hub for two years and works with Primary Mastery Specialists. She has also spent three years as Work Group Lead for the National Collaborative Projects on Mathematical Reasoning and Year 5 - 8 transition. This year, Charlotte was successful in her application to become associate maths hub lead.

She has had 4 years’ experience as a Head of Maths in Lancashire before becoming an Associate Director of Maths for a large Academies Trust. Her belief has always been that if you give students "the why" in Maths it often leads to greater success and enjoyment so she has been delighted to work with YHMathsHub which really drills into the depth of students' understanding.

Karen Hill

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Hull)

Chiltern Primary School, Hull

Karen has been a Mastery Specialist at the Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub for two years and now leads a second Network Collaborative Project, Mastery Readiness. She has worked at a large inner city primary school in Hull for 17 years, worked as an Assistant Head and is now a Lead Practitioner for Maths across her Trust.

Karen visited Shanghai in 2017 and was amazed at the skills of the Chinese teachers to craft lessons which enable students to gain deep and sustainable understanding. She has since shared ideas learnt from her experiences through hosting Chinese teachers at her school and running large Open Classroom events, through her own teaching and by leading Work Groups.


Rachel West

Assistant Maths Hub Lead - Secondary

Rachel has been involved with the Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub for four years; initially attending the very first Shanghai Open Classroom and then engaging and running Open Classrooms across the region. She started her journey in the first cohort of Secondary Mastery Specialists in 2016 and is now a Secondary Mastery Specialist and a Professional Development Lead.

Rachel is currently a Lead Practitioner, leading teaching and learning in her department and intervention and support for Key Stage 3.

Her passion for Maths and mastery can be seen in her classroom on a day to day basis. Rachel thoroughly enjoys supporting others on their mastery journey; developing mastery teaching and teaching and learning across the region.


Sarah Young

Assistant Maths Hub Lead Primary

Broadacre Primary School, Hull

Sarah has been a Mastery Specialist at the Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub for two years. She works as a Year 6 teacher and Assistant Head at Broadacre Primary School, a large school in Hull.

Sarah visited Shanghai in 2018 and was fascinated by the way the Chinese teachers meticulously design lessons which challenge children to think deeply and make mathematical connections. She is passionate about Teaching for Mastery and helping others to develop maths teaching through her Work Groups. Since returning from China, Sarah has enjoyed developing her own teaching as well as sharing with others what she learnt from the Chinese teachers.


Ifsheen Akhtar

Assistant Maths Hub Lead Primary

Carlton Junior and Infant School, Dewsbury

Ifsheen has recently been appointed as the Assistant Maths Hub Lead for Primary in Kirklees. She has a wealth of experience teaching from Early Years to Year 6. She is currently a Deputy Headteacher and Maths Lead at a Kirklees school.

As the school Maths Lead she works closely with staff at her school and local schools offering support and guidance to improve maths education. She believes that all children have the potential to succeed given the right resources, encouragement and support.


Suzanne Coxon

Teaching for Mastery Lead

Parkside Primary School, Goole

Suzanne has a wide experience of teaching in a number of primary schools and now works as deputy head at Parkside, a large primary school in Goole.

Suzanne visited Shanghai in 2014 where her passion for effective maths teaching was further ignited. Suzanne has trained as a teaching for mastery specialist with the NCETM; she is seconded to the YHMathsHub as a teaching for mastery lead supporting other TfM specialists.


Sharon Farrow

Level 3 Lead and Head of Department, Outwood Academy Adwick

Don Valley Academy, Doncaster

Sharon has recently been appointed as our Level 3 Lead for Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub. She has over 10 years’ experience as a KS5 coordinator and has been employed for the last 5 years as Lead teacher and KS5 Coordinator for a large Academies Trust. She constantly supports improvements in Level 3 Maths teaching not only within her department but also within Doncaster Schools. Sharon is in her 4th year as Chair of Doncaster HoDs Maths Network Group and is passionate about engaging with other colleagues to work collaboratively on improving maths education and ensuring this impacts on raising standards and transforming the lives of the young people in our schools. Sharon thoroughly enjoys supporting the personal development of colleagues to fulfil their own personal aspirations and ultimately maximise the life chances of the children they teach.


Liz Featherstone

Same Day Intervention Project Lead

Carlton Junior and Infant School, Pontefract

Liz is leading the Same Day Intervention Project, picking up the role from Ben McGarry. The project expanded from 6 participating schools in its first year, to 19 schools in its third year. Liz is an Assistant Principal in the region and has implemented SDI in her own school and seen the benefits first hand.