Years 5 - 8 Continuity Development 

Improving continuity in maths across the transition between primary and secondary schools. 

This Work Group aims to help teachers improve the chances of pupils experiencing a smooth transition in their maths learning between primary and secondary school. The Work Group will address key issues by looking at a specific curriculum area, or pedagogical theme and representations and structures. The work group will collaboratively develop models of continuity of approach that support pupils through the transition phase. 

Who is this for? 

The Work Group is aimed at linked pairs or small groups from neighbouring secondary and primary schools with one or two teachers participating from each school. Secondary schools working with their feeder primary schools are particularly suid. Teachers will need to be released for two days and hall days over the year. 

What is involved? 

After the whole Work Group meets and agrees an aspect of maths to concentrate on each cluster one secondary plus one or more primary schools) will spend structured time in each other's schools to:

  • Plan, deliver, observe and discuss less med to focus on a research question

  • Develop and trial new approaches to the chosen area of the curriculum or pedagogy

Later in the year, the whole Work Group meets again to share experiences, draw conclusions and evaluate.

Intended Outcomes 

  • Teachers develop an increased knowledge, understanding and experience of the mathematics curriculum at KS2 and KS3

  • Teachers develop or refine their understanding of the key principles of teaching for mastery allied to an understanding of what pupils leaving KS2 are expected/able to do at different levels of attainment

  • Teachers develop sustainable and efficient methods of sharing practice and models of working with colleagues in other participating schools

Teachers are able to point to signs of improved pupil understanding in some curriculum or pedagogical areas as a result of Work group activity.


Sessions will begin in the Autumn term of the 2019-20 academic year. To register your interest, please click on the button below: