Primary Representations and Structures - Bar Modelling

Primary Representations and Structures – Using bar modelling to solve problems.

Have you ever wondered how to get pupils to become confident with those trickier problem solving questions? Bar Modelling is a key tool for teaching for Mastery. It accelerates learning by offering children and young people a visual method of learning and problem solving.

Aims of the course:

  • This course explores how to use Bar Modelling as a tool to make the transition from concrete to abstract methods.

  • You will gain an overview of Bar Modelling and how this powerful approach works.

  • There will be opportunity for delegates to build confidence and skills to create their own bar models.

  • It will give insight into how you can train students to use the Bar Modelling approach.

  • This method is a useful tool to teach a range of skills and develop problem solving, even if you are not currently using a teaching for mastery curriculum.

  • You will have insight into how Bar Modelling can stretch and challenge your more advanced ability students.