Subject Knowledge Work Group for Early Years practitioners

We are currently running a Subject Knowledge Work Group for Early Years practitioners, which is open to all, from Early Years Leads, Maths Leads and EYFS teachers.  

We would envisage extending the reach of this work into 2019-20 by running it in 3 regional settings across our massive region (Hull/Grimsby, Kirklees and Wakefield/Central).  Please keep looking at our website over the coming months for updates on this.

In addition to the Work Group, anyone can access the fabulous New Resources on the NCETM Website. There are downloadable PDF files on every area you will need for ages 3-5. To access these, please click on the button below:

Here is just an example of a section of the work on Cardinality and Counting:

The cardinal value of a number refers to the quantity of things it represents, e.g. the numerosity, ‘howmanyness’, or ‘threeness’ of three. When children understand the cardinality of numbers, they know what the numbers mean in terms of knowing how many things they refer to. Counting is one way of establishing how many things are in a group, because the last number you say tells you how many there are. Children enjoy learning the sequence of counting numbers long before they understand the cardinal values of the numbers. Subitising is another way of recognising how many there are, without counting.

Lauren Orange