Maths Subject Knowledge Enhancement for Teaching Assistants

This Work Group is designed to enhance and deepen maths subject knowledge and pedagogy for teaching assistants. Increased confidence in their own subject knowledge, and enhanced awareness of how children gain number sense and learn mathematics will allow TAs to better support children in the classroom and during small group or individual intervention. 

Who is this for?

Teaching assistants from Primary and early Secondary phases.

What is involved?

Participants will attend four face to face sessions which will comprise a mixture of pedagogy, subject knowledge and practical application. Delegates will be asked to complete gap tasks in order to put their skills into practice within their own setting and to reflect upon and share their experiences.

Intended Outcomes

To develop participants’ knowledge about mathematics and the teaching of mathematics, including developing:

  • Improved skills and confidence in supporting pupils in a mastery curriculum.

  • Knowledge of the pedagogy of maths teaching and ways of relating this to small group teaching.

  • Understanding how children think and where their misconceptions stem from

  • A greater awareness of the three aims of the National Curriculum (fluency, reasoning and problem solving) and understanding how these aims relate specifically to the teaching of calculation and arithmetic proficiency.

  • Understanding the role that certain representations, models and manipulatives can play in the development of pupils’ understanding of number and calculation.

  • Understanding the interplay between conceptual understanding and procedural fluency and how each contribute to the achievement of mastery of the curriculum.

It is intended that participation in this Work Group will encourage TAs to reflect on how they are deployed and to be confident in taking a more proactive approach. Gap tasks will focus on school-based professional practice so that learning is based specifically around the needs of the pupils being worked with in the participant’s own setting. Participants will be expected to commit to attend all of the four sessions below and to complete the gap tasks set.