Teaching for Mastery Focused Issue – Planning for Greater Depth 

Teachers from a number of schools will work together to develop their understanding of how to facilitate activities and questions that provide opportunities for all children to work at Greater Depth than the expected standard, as and when they are ready for it, within a teaching for mastery context. 

Building on findings from the 2017-18 project, more schools are being offered the opportunity to explore what it means to work deeply in mathematics. Collaboratively, they will use existing tasks/questions and design their own, to ensure that pupils are not accelerated through the programmes of study but have a deep and sustainable knowledge of mathematics for their age. 

Who is this for?

This would be ideal for schools that have previously engaged in Maths Hub teaching for mastery Work Groups or other activities and are beginning to make commitments to sustain this approach in their schools.

What is involved?

  • Three workshops working with teachers from other schools in the Work Group to reflect on current practice, clarify understanding of what ‘Greater Depth’ looks like in maths lessons and design activities for working at Greater Depth.

  • Gap tasks to complete in school, integrated with and supported by the work done in the workshops.

Intended Outcomes

Teachers will have an opportunity to reflect on how providing Greater Depth opportunities for all pupils, differs from ‘high ability provision’, to evaluate their own practice and make changes using the support and resources of the group. It is envisaged that changes in ethos will allow teachers to make better provision for the needs of all learners in their classrooms but also exercise an influence over the practice of colleagues in their schools.  

All pupils will have access to Greater Depth tasks and questions.


This programme will begin in the Autumn term of the 2019-20 academic year. Please register your interest below: