Secondary Mastery Specialists

Secondary Teaching for Mastery Work Groups (2019/20)

The NCETM and Maths Hubs are recruiting six secondary schools to join a free professional development programme, led by established Secondary Mastery Specialists, from September 2019. This programme enables school mathematics departments to introduce and embed a teaching for mastery approach. Already successful in thousands of primary schools, teaching for mastery promotes deep mathematical understanding and creates confident mathematicians. These participating schools will become part of a national project Work Group, collaborating with other schools to develop and share best practice. Each Work Group is led by a Secondary Mastery Specialist. Mastery Specialists are school-based teachers who have already successfully developed teaching for mastery in their own schools and been trained to work with other schools in introducing the same approaches. Each successful school selected two 'Mastery Advocates' from their mathematics department. These teachers will now have the opportunity to work closely with the Mastery Specialist from their local Maths Hub, and receive a bespoke programme of support in their own school.

Funding Available

There was no charge to participating schools to participate in this Work Group, which is funded by the Maths Hub. In addition, each participating school will receive £2000 to help pay for the Mastery Advocates' release time and for work within the maths department.

To register your interest in this Work Group, which starts in September 2019, please click on the button below: