NCP19-13 Primary Teaching for Mastery Focused Issue (Intervention) 2019-20

Same Day Intervention is an approach to teaching maths which encourages all learners to make progress. The aim is to provide additional support in an intervention session led by the teacher; to ensure all children have a certain level of understanding by the end of the day, narrowing and preventing an achievement gap from forming.

This project will support participants in considering different models of intervention in a mastery context to ensure that mathematics teaching has maximum impact for all children. Participant teachers and leaders will further their understanding of teaching for mastery by using case studies to inform their practice. Schools will trial a model of their choice and will document their observations to share with others.

The purpose is to provide quality assured and tested models of intervention so that teachers and schools can collaborate when implementing and evaluating them in their own settings.

Who is it for?

It is recommended that schools have previous experience of Teaching for Mastery but is open to all teachers 

What is involved?

  • 3 days training at a given venue, including observing an open classroom where SDI is taking place

  • Support back in school implementing the programme

  • Extra voluntary face to face network/support group meetings

Intended outcomes

  • All children make progress in every lesson

  • Attainment gaps are narrowed or diminished

  • Teacher are clear on assessing children

  • Teachers and children's confidence is maths is improved

  • Current practice and models are evaluated and the impact reviewed, with possible changes to policy and practice to intervention in their schools.