Learning Teaching for Mastery Topic Specific

These sessions will look at four key areas of number and how to plan and deliver lessons for depth and breadth, so that students fully understand the mathematical concepts.

The key areas of number covered are:

  • Basic Number

  • Fractions

  • FDP

  • Ratio and Proportion

Who is the work group for/aimed at?

This programme will be ideal for those teachers who would like to develop their understanding of teaching for mastery. Mastery may be completely new to these teachers, they may be non-specialists or they may have understanding about teaching for mastery but would like to explore how a specific area could be broken down to expose the underlying concept in order to plan their own mastery lessons from scratch.

What is involved? 

There will be four full days and interim exercises to complete. 

Intended Outcomes 

  • Deeper understanding of the subject knowledge and pedagogy related to teaching for mastery

  • Understand how topics can be broken down to small steps

  • Understand what resources can be used to explain the 'whys' within a topic 

  • Gain new resources created with mastery in mind

  • Understanding of appropriate activities for mastery

  • Skills to identify resources and approaches that can be built into the schemes of work


All sessions will run from 8.30am - 3.00pm at the Outwood Institute of Education, Tenter Balk Lane, Adwick, Doncaster, DN6 7EQ on the following dates and times:

·         Session 1 – Wednesday 2nd October 2019

·         Session 2 – Wednesday 16th October 2019

·         Session 3 – Thursday 7th November 2019

·         Session 4 – TBC