Leading Teaching for Mastery 

There’s been a great deal around Primary Mastery over the last 4 years and for the last 3 years, we have been developing for a Teaching for Mastery scheme of learning for the Secondary classroom.

18 schools have been involved in writing and developing the Teaching for Understanding scheme for Years 7 to 9 and now all of our teachers are using the principles of mastery teaching in their year 10 lessons. This work has been supported by:

  • The Better Maths conference

  • An ongoing commitment to senior leadership training

  • An ongoing programme of Head of Department training

  • An ongoing commitment to Maths teacher training and development through various programmes

The scheme of learning focuses heavily on the concrete/pictorial/abstract approach to teaching mathematics inspired by the maths hubs exchanges with the Chinese teachers. All Heads of Department need to provide their departments with robust Schemes of Work, but also empower them to design great lessons and to develop their teaching.

Leading Teaching for Mastery is a programme preparing maths leads to launch teaching for understanding in their schools. There will be four full day sessions, ‘top-up’ open classrooms for you and your department to access, and interim delivery of the training in your own department covering:

  • Introduction to Mastery at Key Stage 3

  • Department planning

  • Teacher training and development

At the end of the programme, maths leads will be able to take the 5 year plan, medium term plans for Years 7 – 11 and samples of the mastery teaching themes, along with the skills and structures to train their own teams, to implement a mastery curriculum in their schools.