Embedding A-Level Technology

This is a Work Group to focus on embedding the enhancement of the teaching and conceptual understanding of students in A Level Mathematics through the use of technology. This Work Group is not a ‘How To Use’ Geogebra, Autograph, graphic calculator or other technology. It may, however, encourage participants to continue to develop their skills.

Participating in the Work Group is intended to provide the following benefits to participant schools:

  • Knowledge of where, when and how to use technology to enhance students’ understanding/learning/experience.

  • Confidence and competence to use a range of applications of technology within their classroom.

  • Confidence to develop technology skills and further embed the appropriate and effective use of technology.

  • Teachers will leave each session with new lessons created using technology to implement into their teaching schemes.

This project is designed to support the demands of the new A-level.

  • There is a range of currently available mathematics teacher PD around specific technology skill development and application to teaching but little evidence of sustainable, widespread embedding of technology in teaching and learning in all A level mathematics classrooms.

  • Ofsted: Made to measure: ‘’ Practical resources were particularly underexploited in the secondary schools’’, ‘’ ICT was rarely used for mathematical modelling. In this example, Year 10 pupils had thrown a basketball in the sports hall, photographed the ball’s path, and used software to fit a parabola over the path that was traced out’’

  • DfE 2017 A Level Content states “The use of technology, in particular mathematical and statistical graphing tools and spreadsheets, must permeate the study of AS and A level mathematics.”

  • Smith Review Report Recommendation 14: The DfE should seek to improve the evidence base on the role and effectiveness of technology in the teaching of 16-18 mathematics.

This project is for an A-level teacher who is enthusiastic about Geogebra or Excel or Autograph or DESMOS or any other piece of technology! That enthusiasm may be because they already love it, or because they’d like to use it more in the future.